A collection of books you can check out from your local library and pdfs you can download.

Mysteries Of SunNASA PDF - Mysteries of the Sun
This is a resource about the sun and its effects on the rest of the Solar System. Learners will watch movie clips and read a guidebook of information about space weather, solar variability, the heliosphere, Earth’s magnetosphere and upper atmosphere, as well as the solar mysteries that scientists are still studying.

Our_Very_Own_StarNASA PDF - Our Very Own Star: The Sun
This storybook presents information about the sun, including  its relationship to Earth, and its affects on our planet.

Check your local library for these and other titles about the sun and eclipses

Branley, F. (1988). Eclipse: Darkness in Daytime. New York: Harper & Row

Fowler, A. (1992). The Sun Is Always Shining Somewhere. Danbury: Children’s Press.

Gibbons, G. (1983). Sun Up, Sun Down. New York: Scholastic Inc.

Lindbergh, R. (1994). What is the sun? Cambridge: Candlewick Press.

Vogt, G. (2000). Sun. Namkato: Capstone Press.