Consider attending an eclipse event or hosting your own event. Below is a collection of activities you can do during or before the eclipse.

Attend a Library Event mapAttend a Library Event
Check out this map to see if a library near you is holding an eclipse event. You can also check the eclipse 2017 page for events at museums, parks, and NASA official viewing locations.

Host your own eclipse PartyHost your own Eclipse Party
Whether you are in the path of totality or not, you can host your own event. This is a great opportunity to engage your homeschool community with fun hands-on activities.

Family fun with the DIY sun Science appFamily fun with the DIY Sun Science app
The DIY sun Science app allows families and educators to investigate and learn about the sun at home, at school, or anywhere you go! The app provides 13 free, easy to use, hands-on activities, plus images, videos, and much more! Each activity includes material lists, step-by-step instructions, and detailed explanations.

Family Guide to the sunFamily Guide to the Sun
This innovative collection of puzzles, pictures, poetry and projects is designed to stimulate enjoyable co-learning experiences between kids aged 6-13 and the caring adults in their lives. The Guide assumes little or no prior knowledge about the sun or astronomy in general, and in fact addresses many popular misconceptions.

Solar PizzaSolar Pizza
Introduce size and scale with cut out scaled images of the sun and Earth. Placing these approximately sixty-five feet apart will demonstrate the size scale and distance scale of the sun and Earth.

NASA GLOBE Observer Special eclipse EditionNASA GLOBE Observer Special Eclipse Edition
Using a free app for smart phones and tablets, NASA GLOBE Observer (NASA GO) citizen scientists record and submit environmental observations to an international research database. To participate in the NASA GO eclipse science experiment simply download the app and grab a thermometer. Observations are needed from across North America-  along both the path of totality and areas experiencing a partial eclipse.

Download the app, register, and get familiar with NASA GO today – the app will automatically update when the eclipse edition is available.
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Life Responds – wildlife observationsLife Responds – wildlife observations
Many people have noticed changes in animal behavior, birds going to sleep, cats and dogs being confused, as a solar eclipse is in progress. In this opportunity for research, you will make scientifically-valuable observations of many aspects of this behavior. Join the California Academy of Sciences in conducting research into behavioral changes in plants and animals during a total solar eclipse. (California Academy of Sciences)