Observe the moon! Make a Sun Funnel! Perform an eclipse dance! Take a Selfie with the sun!

NASA invites you to experience the 2017 solar eclipse in many fun, creative, and challenging ways from family-friendly activities to sophisticated science projects. These activities have been designed to help engage your curiosity and challenge your mind. Check it out!

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Citizen Explorers page linked preview image
Even for the luckiest observers, the total solar eclipse on August 21 will last just under three
Eclipse Viewing page linked preview image
There are many ways to view a solar eclipse.
Eclipse Art Projects page linked preview image
Do you have an artistic nature?
Science Challenges page linked preview image
Opportunities for studying lunar features and solar activity, exploring the sun’s atmosphere, and investigating extrasolar planets.
2D/3D Printable Pinhole Projectors page linked preview image
Why not celebrate the eclipse by making your own 3D Printed Pinhole Projector in the shape of the USA and/or a US State?
Flickr Gallery page linked preview image
Use the Total Solar Eclipse 2017 Flickr Gallery to share your eclipse experience through imagery, video and artwork!
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