NASA Official Viewing Locations

NASA Official Viewing Location Application Instruction

As a 2017 Eclipse Official NASA Event you will receive an eclipse care package. Your event will also show up on our Official NASA Events page. Before your event can be approved it must satisfy two requirements:

  1. It must have a Safety Plan that meets or exceeds our Safety Plan requirements.
  2. It must have a 2017 Eclipse Subject Matter Expert (SME) who has agreed to attend and support your event.

Safety Plan:

Having a Safety Plan is of the utmost importance for an Official NASA Event. The health, safety, and security of attendees and staff at an Official NASA Event is our top priority. The event location should meet all local laws and ordinances regarding events and gatherings. You will need to ensure your location has adequate safety measures in place as referenced in our Safety Plan. It is your responsibility to ensure the Safety Plan is properly implemented.

Subject Matter Expert:

SME’s are scientists, engineers, science writers, amateur astronomers, and science educators who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age.
  • Have a basic working knowledge of astronomy especially eclipses and the sun-Earth-moon system.
  • Are available to support an official NASA solar eclipse event somewhere in the country as a speaker/eclipse educator.

If you already have a SME, please direct them to our SME Database to enter their details.
If you do not have a SME for your event, you can view our SME map, find a SME near you, verify your event is within their deployment range, and contact them with an inquiry for their support. We are acting merely to facilitate the connection between events and SME’s. Once this relationship is established, all negotiations involving travel, lodging, dates, etc. are solely between the SME(s) and the event coordinator(s). Please stay in contact with your SME prior to, and during the event. Also, don’t forget to give the SME their ID badge when they arrive.

Event Information:

Please provide your event’s url so we may convert it into search terms for use in search engines. We cannot list .com’s or other websites promoting commercial interests. Please provide as much pertinent information about your event as possible. This information will show up on the map when a potential event attendee clicks on your event. We recommend including:

  • Date(s) and time(s)
  • Address
  • Specific name of location (ABC Museum, XYZ Campground, etc.)
  • Email address or phone number of Event Coordinator
  • URL


You should be aware that being an Official NASA Event does not mean that you are a NASA representative. Any opinions shared at your event are not necessarily the opinions of NASA.