The entire NASA Eclipse website is designed to educate the public by providing a variety of unique NASA resources that can be used separately, or combined together, to create supplementary educational curricula. In addition, we offer specific kinds of resources to the four interest groups that are likely to use this website.

Discover NASA space science education programs, events and resources with @NASASpaceSciEdu. This new resource will help you sift through the noise to find information specifically tailored you the educator!

K-12 Formal Education
Through our offerings in the history of eclipses, science and math activities, we cover many classroom topics in a unique, cross-curricular manner.
Informal Education
These include science museums, planetaria and public libraries, or other informal settings such as after-school or at-home venues.
Undergraduate Resources
Celestial events provide a rich opportunity to engage students in space science.
NASA Wavelength
NASA Wavelength is a key word-searchable online resource containing thousands of education resources from across NASA.
NASA Space Place
NASA’s award-winning Space Place website engages upper-elementary-aged children in space and Earth
Eclipse Kit
A demonstration kit that will be available to NASA and NASA-funded networks
What’s Up
What’s Up?” articles are short stories about the cosmos appropriate in length for school
Other Education Resources
Other education resources such as an Observer’s Guide To Viewing The Eclipse, free PDF booklet about the 2017 eclipse and other links.
Jumpstart your school year with a teachable moment – Solar Eclipse 2017!
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