Design Eclipse Viewing Glasses

Solar eclipse viewing glasses will be available at many locations for the eclipse on August 21, 2017.  They will be in all designs, shapes and colors.  NASA wants you to enjoy every aspect of the eclipse, and we feel that one way would be to make available a pair of black and white viewing glasses.  This will help you remember where you saw the eclipse and what you remember most about it.  Whatever that amazing memory is, you can record it on the glasses that you wore to watch the eclipse.  We are placing a black and white pair of viewing gasses in each of our eclipse packets, and some may be available at one of the NASA events. This allows you to design your own original solar viewing glasses. Make them colorful and unique. Make sure we know where you saw the eclipse. Take a picture of the glasses, add them to NASA's Solar Eclipse Flickr Group or on Instagram by using #MySolarGlasses, and we will post them. Use paints, crayons, markers, colored pencils or a combination of any or all.  Make a memory and share it with us!

If you receive your viewing glasses before the eclipse, create your original design and have your personalized glasses ready to wear for the eclipse, but don’t forget to add them to NASA's  Solar Eclipse Flickr Group or on Instagram by using #MySolarGlasses.

Art Credit: Kathryn, Caitlyn, Amanda, Brooke, Teagan and Drew from Arnold Christian Academy-Solar Viewing glasses