Eclipse Kit

Get ready for the Eclipse Across America that occurs on August 21, 2017. All across the USA, everyone can observe a partial to total eclipse of the sun. To prepare for this rare sight, an Eclipse Kit has been developed with activities suitable for families, community outreach and summer camp programs. People of all ages can learn about the sun, moon and eclipses through fun hands-on STEM activities. The kit includes an activity guide as well as a number of online extension resources.

Eclipse Kit


This guide supports activities for learning about the sun, light, our solar system, and eclipses. They draw upon hands-on, safe activities suitable for children as well as adults. While these activities are designed to help people prepare for the total eclipse of the sun in 2017, they can be used beyond the eclipse as part of your outreach programs. And, there is another total eclipse of the sun crossing the U.S. in 2024! Each activity includes a materials list and what you need to obtain to do the activity. Mostly, the materials that you are asked to provide are the basics: paper, pens and pencils, cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, tape, etc. There are also activities that offer people the opportunity to use smartphones and digital cameras as sensors.



  1. Cereal Box Eclipse Viewer
  2. SED 2007 Sun Moon Comparison Activity
  3. Eclipse Math – The Last Total Solar Eclipse Ever!
  4. Eclipse Guide : The Eclipse Guide for Libraries can be downloaded from the link below. It has lots of useful information for all communities to benefit from in preparing for a successful eclipse event.
  5. Night Sky Network Outreach Resources
  6. NASA Museum Alliance Resources for Informal Education
  7. National Informal STEM Education Network Earth-Space Kit
  8. National Informal STEM Education Network Exploring the Solar System: Solar Eclipse
  9. NASA JPL Eyes on the Solar System Eclipse Simulator
National Aeronautics and Space Administration