So what is MAKING?

“At its simplest, making is the act of creating! Making can spur creativity, curiosity, collaboration, and confidence.” (Make Education Initiative) At the heart of the Maker Movement are the enthusiasts and the DIY learners who are curious and playful. Making is a great way for you to work with other ‘makers’ in activities that are both fun and educational — be it rockets, robots, or homemade wind turbines.

What is a MAKER?

“Makers” are people who like ‘do-it-yourself (DIY)’ and ‘do-it-with-others (DIWO)’ activities, techniques and processes to develop their own unique and creative inventions, activities and projects.


Getting ready for the Eclipse in 2017 is going to be a world of fun! Before, during and after the eclipse we’ll be inviting you to reach down into your inner ‘MAKER’ to explore the eclipse though new and inventive DIY projects and challenges!

Sample MAKER Project

At NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center our team is currently working on a series of easy-to-make pinhole projection cards that will enable you to project your initials or names (in eclipse projections) onto the ground or any other background during the entire eclipse. What a unique opportunity to take pictures of your projections and share them with us through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and/or Flickr! With a little bit ingenuity you’ll be able to quickly make modifications to the cards to make your own letters, symbols or designs. To make it even more exciting, we’ll provide you with downloadable files for both paper and 3D printed cards!

Sharing Your MAKER Ideas:

We’ll be using social media to share all of our emerging MAKER ideas with other MAKERS. Just use #EclipseMakers

National Aeronautics and Space Administration