Robert Reeves

Robert Reeves has been enjoying and exploring the Moon since 1958 when he received a 3-inch reflecting telescope for Christmas. Robert took his first lunar photograph in 1959 and he has been imaging the Moon ever since.

After receiving a better telescope at Christmas 1960, Robert became self-taught in the art of telescopic lunar photography and learned the techniques of developing and printing film photographs.

After completing military service in 1970, Reeves returned to the world of amateur astronomy and became an accomplished astrophotographer. In 1975 he acquired a Celestron 8 telescope, an instrument that he still uses today. Several years later he acquired a Celestron 8-inch Schmidt camera and began a decades long quest to image the beauties of the Milky Way.

Robert Reeves began publishing articles about astrophotography in Astronomy magazine in 1984. Since that time, Robert has published 250 magazine articles and written over 100 newspaper columns about astronomical topics. His articles have appeared in Sky and Telescope, Astronomy, Deep Sky, Deep Sky Journal, Amateur Astronomy, The Astrograph, and his astrophotos have appeared in the Astrophysical Journal. In 1994, Reeves published his first book, The Superpower Space Race, which chronicled the American and Russian efforts to explore the Moon and inner planets. Reeves then co-authored The Conquest of Space with Fritz Bronner. In 2000 Robert published Widefield Astrophotography, the first of his three books about celestial photography. This was followed by Introduction to Digital Astrophotography in 2005 and Introduction to Webcam Astrophotography in 2006.

Robert Reeves currently enjoys photographing the Moon through a Celestron 11 and Sky-Watcher 180mm Maksutov telescope from his observatory in San Antonio, Texas. Thanks to advances in digital imaging, Reeves routinely achieves better images of the Moon through his modest telescopes than the professional astronomer could with film photography using the best telescopes in the world.

Robert Reeves also enjoys attending and speaking at astronomical conventions around the USA. Among his national appearances have been three times a featured speaker at AstroImage in Los Angeles, the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference, the Texas Star Party, two times at the Mid West Astro Imaging Conference in Chicago, three times at the North East Astronomy Forum in New York, twice at the South West Astrophoto conference in Tucson, the Winter Star Party in Florida, two times at the Astronomical League Convention, and the Kitt Peak National Observatory. Robert Also serves as the Master of Ceremonies for the Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo in Tucson.

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