Know your Sun: NSO eclipse webseries

The National Solar Observatory is busily preparing for the eclipse in lots of exciting ways. On the second Thursday of the month until August 2017, NSO organized webcast series that will cover three topics:

  1. Solar Spotlight: What do you really need to know about the sun to understand what's happening during the eclipse
  2. Eclipse Tips: Learn about some fun ideas to engage kids (and adults!) in eclipse fun, fitting for the run up to eclipse day, and also for the main event!
  3. Straight from the Scientists: Learn about cutting edge research being done in the field of solar science, straight from the resarchers!
Webinar on Preparing for the Sky Event of the Decade, the August 2017 Eclipse of the Sun

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Science Writer Workshop- Seminar for Science Writers

AAS/NASA January 2017- Science Writer Workshop- Seminar for Science Writers: The August 2017 All-American Solar Eclipse

Science Writer Workshop

AGU December 2016- Science Writer Workshop- Preparing for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

National Aeronautics and Space Administration