Lunar Challenge

The Moon, our closest neighbor in space, provides some unique opportunities to observe a celestial body up close and to learn about planetary science. NASA invites you to observe the moon and learn about its many features.

Even the most modest backyard telescope can yield exciting views of craters, rills, valleys, and mountain ranges. No, you won’t be able to see any of the flags placed on the moon by the Apollo Astronauts (We always get this question), but many other wondrous natural phenomena await even the most casual of observers.

Lunar Observation Challenge


Your challenge is to observe the Moon – and identify the features you see. You can snap a picture with your cell phone through the eyepiece of a telescope, take a high quality image with your coupled DSLR, or just sketch what you see – like astronomers have done for centuries. Then upload your image/sketch to our Flickr site using #LunarChallenge. Include your info and identifications of the features in the image, labeled. You can use the provided labeled images taken by Robert Reeves as your guide to identify the features in the picture you took or sketch you made.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration